The Project

Benvenuto! My name is Doug Cantelmo and welcome to Honestly Italy. This project is an outgrowth of my passion for Italy in all its incarnations. Honestly Italy will go beyond the generic notions of Italy and dig deeper. The content will be wide ranging and explore the peninsula in all its layers. The site has two main features:

Stories: This will be an ongoing series of unique reports, which honestly explores Italy’s past, present and future. Any and all topics are up for exploration so if you have a suggestion click the contact tab and get in touch!

Podcast: This site will also be the base from which the Honestly Italy podcast is launched. The podcast will feature conversations with academics, journalist and ordinary people on their experiences with modern Italy.

If you are passionate about all things Italy, planning a future trip there, or just enjoy a good story, this is the place for you!

The Author

I am a professor of urban history and development based in Brooklyn. My undergraduate and graduate studies took me routinely to Rome where I most recently researched the urban expansion of the city from its establishment as Italy’s national capital in 1870 through the beginning of the First World War. My first experience in the city was through St. John’s University’s Rome Campus which is beautifully situated in the rione of Prati. It was from those days on that campus all those years ago that the inspiration for this website bloomed.

When I am not researching or teaching my interests include cooking and calcio. My favorite type of pasta is bucatini and my wine of choice is Salice Salentino. Since I spent much time in the north of Rome I have become a Lazio fan by osmosis.

I can be reached by email at as well as on the twitter pages of @HonestlyItaly or @DougCantelmo. Follow @HonestlyItaly for the latest news on this venture. You may also contact me by using the contact tab on this website.